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Top Quality Components for Maintenance & Repair

Over time, through normal wear and tear, "play" can develop between moving parts leading eventually to metal fatigue and failure. Proper maintenance extends the safe, useful life of your elevator. CDP's added value replacement parts and railings are inexpensive insurance for both safety and smooth operation.

CDP Sets the Standard for Safety

First and foremost at CDP is the safety of every individual who maintains, operates or comes in contact with a CDP product. That means maintenance workers and technicians as well as users of every type of elevator, escalator and Automatic People Mover with CDP produced parts and systems.

Availability of Products

CDP's parts are immediately available on-site. Our range of in-stock parts consistently meets or exceeds demand. When required, other specialized parts are quickly available through our trusted vendors of many years who are certified to meet the highest standards of safety and tolerances for any component needed for repairs, replacements or improvements to your elevator, escalator or people mover or APM.

Popular Products at CDP Fastener Group

  • Top of Car Hand Rail System
  • Extended Reach Tools
  • Fasteners, plates and rails
  • Toe Guard Kits
  • Door Track
  • Vertical Pull Straps
  • Custom struts cut to any length and drop shipped where you need them

Discover the benefits of using CDP Elevator Products

CDP Elevator is the industry's best kept secret! With innovative new products as well as the basics that you need for elevator maintenance in-stock, it's no wonder that CDP has been singled out as one of the elevator industry's top suppliers.